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Andesoffroad at the Pumice Stone Field

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Andesoffroad designs and stages personalized and customized 4x4 adventure travel tours mainly through the Argentine northwest, and is focused on providing our guests authentic and enjoyable travel experiences.

Our offers include from pleasent roundtrips in comfortable hotels to exciting adventure tours in far away areas off the normal tourist paths, in cozy hosterias or family houses.

Our trips and expeditions are conceived for travelers interested in culture, traditions and ancient history, in unspoilt scenery and wildlife or in outdoor activities; for adventurous people looking for something different, for a place to explore, for a challenge or a hands-on experience.

We also strive to be a reliable link to far-off, remote, and inaccessible regions of lonesome and out-of-this-world-landscapes. The northern Andean Cordillera in Argentina as well as the Altiplano (Puna) are one of the few natural paradises still almost unexplored by man. Deserts, volcanoes, pumice-stone- and salt-fields, deep colored lagoons, grazing vicuñas and flocks of pink flamingoes offer an endless fascination, which we desire to share and to transmit.

We emphasize preservation of the environment. As travelers, we are responsible for protecting the sensitive flora and fauna as well as the historical traces of ancient civilizations. At the same time, our most important goal is the well-being and safety of our passengers combined with the highest quality of an individualized, professional and reliable service.

Silvia | Andesoffroad
Silvia is in charge of organizing and coordinating the expeditions and is also a trilingual travel companion. Her love of nature and her innate drive to explore was enriched by her years of living in Bariloche and Canada and by her frequent adventure-trips. Since 2002, based on her love of the breathtaking Andean Puna region, she has dedicated her efforts to making this type of adventure trip a reality for other travelers.
About us

An off-roader passionate about volcanoes and mountains, Ricardo is the main driver and also responsible for the logistics of the expeditions. Specialist in thing off-road and a man for everything, he feels best on difficult terrain. He has a broad knowledge of the region and more than 15 years of experience traveling between the highest peaks of the northern Andes.

Ricardo | Andesoffroad

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