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ABOUT our tours

Andesoffroad offers itineraries to well-known places and attractions, but also -and mainly- to remote and almost unknown, therefore most fascinating regions, where isolated and breathtaking landscapes transmit intensive, many-sided impressions.

Our tours are carried out in fully equipped 4x4 and off road vehicles starting from 2 participants up to a small group of 8 persons. A nature and travel enthusiastic team will provide for a high quality service through friendly and reliable attention: an experienced driver with mechanical and technical knowledge of the vehicles as well as of the region is in charge of the 4WD transfer, and a German and English-speaking tour guide is available for coordination and to cater the interests and specific wishes of every participant.

We specialize in individually planned trips designed to suit our guests' desires and requirements. At the same time, the suggested routes and tours described here can be combined into a circuit or complemented with activities, and the number of travel days can be extended or shortened.

Departure dates are flexible and can be adapted to arrival times and places.
To participate on one of our trips, reservations should be made at least 4 weeks in advance.

Our itineraries are carefully planned and prepared, still, the details of any particular program can be influenced by climatic and road conditions.

The average covered distances are between 200 and 400 kms per day, with stops and breaks in between visiting local points of interest, walking or trekking, experiencing nature or contacting friendly inhabitants.

During our adventure tours off the beaten track, the drive on gravel roads or different kinds of terrain will result in more strenuous stretches, however, at the same time it will awaken the spirit of adventure and exploration in every traveler.

Enthusiastic off road drivers can take part in a trip with their own rented 4 wheel drive vehicle, and be led by us. Previous off road driving experience is recommended.

When we overnight in a city or town of major importance, we will stay in the most typical and pleasant hotels, in double rooms with private bath and breakfast service. In remoter places we will overnight in small hostels or family houses. With customized tours we offer the alternative of tenting, as an attractive option for a more independent and spontaneous trip.

Land Rover Defender Toyota Hilux Land Rover Defender Toyota Hilux
Vehicles Land Rover Defender / Toyota Hilux with:
* GPS / Satellite System for Global Positioning
* Satellite Phone
* Mobile Phones (Handys)
* Oxygen supply / First-aid kit
* 4WD recovery equipment: cable winch, towing strap, shovels, tools, Hi-Jack-Lift, etc.
  ..tasty pic-nics..
..enthusiastic off road drivers.. the beaten track..
..intensive, many-sided impressions..
..independent and spontaneous trip..
..climatic conditions..
..specific wishes of every participant..   ..spirit of adventure and exploration..   ..experiencing nature..  
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